Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Wednesday 25 July. Hradec Kralove to Pardubice.

We left H K at 8:30am and headed south out of town on a track beside the river which we reached just where the Labe was joined by the Solice. It was an overcast day and very warm. We had a few small showers throughout the day and a very heavy one minutes after we reached our hotel in Pardubice.

The track soon joined a very busy road which we walked on for most of the day. At times it was quite hairy with lots of heavy industrial  vehicles and farm machinery. The combine harvesters were also busy working in the fields. 

Things were somewhat improved as we went from the county ruled by HK to the county area run by Pardubice. The small villages started to have better and longer sidewalks.

It was only in the last 5 km, after we had passed Kuneticka Hora, a delightful castle on a hill, that our route was on a rural track again. The last two km, beside the Labe, were more tree lined and quite deserted. We didn't pass a single person.

We passed a large solar panel set up just where the cycle route 24 joined the road south of the last major suburb of HK. It was just sited on farmland and had an area of about 20,000 sq.m 

We went through several small villages, during the day, having refreshment in one. We also had a couple of rests at bus stops as they had seats and were undercover.

In retrospect the walk was too long at 26km and over 7 hours with stops but there was no suitable accommodation to be found between the two endpoits.

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