Monday, 11 August 2014

Cuxhaven (final). Friday 8 Aug.

After we had walked up to the Kugelbake, via the Information (i) Bureau, we returned to Cuxhaven by the more direct seaside route.We went to the Information office to try and get some idea if my spectacles would have been handed in by someone, possibly to the police. Her assessment was basically that our chances of seeing them ever again were zilch.

As we got back to our hotel at 10am it was still early so we decided to put out rucksacks in a locker at the railway station. We then hired a couple of bicycles and went searching back over our walk where I  had lost my specs. We were now really on the Elberadweg. It was so much easier than walking! However the steering was very light and being used to free wheeling I found the backpeddle brake irksome. It took us no time at all to get back to the area where I lost my spectacles but sadly we never found them. While its a lot easier going on a bicycle you see more by walking.

This last stretch from Hamburg to Cuxhaven was harder than we would have wished with 3 days over 30km. Whilst that would not be too bad in cold weather, we had it quite hot and sunny.  The walk out of Hamburg was much nicer than I expected and we liked Stade and Cuxhaven enough that we would visit both again.

If you are a cyclist and like visiting lots of different towns, cities and villages then the Elberadweg is a great route with excellent accommodation guides.

For walkers it can also be fun and presents a similar sort of challenge to JOGLE. We really only had difficulty finding suitably placed accommodation spots on this year's section of the walk. There is plenty of accommodation but not for overnighters, more holiday homes where people stay a week or more.

Over the last 3 years I have grown attached to the Elbe.We were there when it was born! I will miss its presence.

The last photograph below was taken on our way to the railway station.

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