Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Rest day Wischafen. Monday 4 Aug.

We stayed in the Ferryhouse at Wischafen, yesterday, from where we we able to see the Sperrwerk bridge we had been unable to cross, very frustrating. We had our evening meal in the restaurant and I've posted a picture, taken in the restaurant, for my sister. She will see a black bird on it which looks very much like the ones that live opposite her house. Are we being followed? Is it an NSA drone ? :)

For 'our day off' we decided to walk, via the northerni side of the Sper
Trwerk bridge, to the Wischsfen-Gluckstadt ferry. There is a 'pilger way' which passes very nearby and goes exactly in the idirection we wanted. Anyone walking from the direction of Gluckstadt to stay at the Ferryhouse hotel should look it out. It saves quite a bit of road walking and has some interesting, if dangerous looking, self closing  gates.
The path leads eventually to the northern side of the Sperrwerk bridge and I have posted a picture of Shiel on the northern side.
After the Sperrwerk we crossed the road to the cafe at the Wischafen side of the ferry. My JOGLE friends might find the name interesting, for a cafe in Germany.
We then boarded the ferry, only 2 Euro each and headed to Gluckstadt. The ferries are very, very frequent and you will probably see another 2 or 3 at various times in your crossing. 
On arriving at the Gluckstadt side, if on foot, you have about a 40 minute walk to the centre of The town. On the way we passed some of the most 'unphased' sheep we have ever seen. Cars doing 40km/hr pased literally within inches of them and they didn't flinch. 
 Gluckstadt is a small town but it has a fantastic bakery on the square. Well worth a visit!  It also has an interesting looking church, but sadly this was not open when we were there.
One the way back to Wischafen we passed another ferry heading to Gluckstadt and on approaching Wischafen we could still see the Sperrwerk bridge was open and the same sign was still in evidence. For the next weekend perhaps?

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