Sunday, 10 August 2014

Cuxhaven. Friday 8 Aug.

The first 6 photographs shown below were taken on Thursday. The first was taken in the harbour area, on our walk in. This is followed by a photograph of our hotel. The hotel was conveniently located near the harbour, from where the next four photographs were taken later on Thursday evening.

Earlier we had taken a taxi out to where we thought I had lost my spectacles but sadly we did not find them. Strangely I showed the taxi driver a map of exactly where I wanted to go but he couldn't read the map. He required a location name not a point on a map! Took quite a while to negotiate that one


My Elberadweg map showed the walk ending in the harbour area but we couldn't find any structure worthy of marking the end of a 1250km walk/cycle route. I asked a couple of cyclist, carrying plenty of gear, as I assumed they had come a long way and would know the end point. It turned out they were Danish and had cycled in from Prague in about 2 weeks. They had a different map which showed the route ending about 3km North of Cuxhaven, more toward the North Sea, at a location called the Kugelbake. It is a location, a bit like Farewell Spit in NZ, but with a wooden navigation beacon (bake), instead of a lighthouse, with a ball (Kugel) on top.
 This looked more like a fitting end for the walk and we walked  out there this morning.
Craftily they have defined a reserve area to start at the Kugelbake, heading North along the beach and it has an entrance fee of 3 Euros per person! To get the final photos shown below we had to pay 6 Euros. However  we found no mention anywhere of the Elberdweg. Perhaps we missed it.  You'd think with all the tourist income it must bring in there would be an impressive end structure somewhere like John o'Groats or Land's End.

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