Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Wischafen to Hoerne. Tuesday 5 Aug.

The Ferryhouse does a very good breakfast but l am trying to lose weight. Yesterday we got scrambled egg, among lots and lots of other things. We had to leave it. This morning I looked up the german for scrambled egg on my cell phone and practised saying "we don't want any scramble egg this morning" into it.
The Google, english voice translation came back "we don't want a whore today thank you".No wonder I've been getting some funny looks!

It was cool and overcast this morning, great for walking, when we set out again on the "Pilger Way" towards the Gluckstadt ferry. There were lots of cows in the way, on top of the deich, like this one we saw yesterday.

We eventually reached untrodden territority and headed off beside the deich to Freiburg. The photovshows Shiel dealing with one of the interesting gates along the way.
The next two photographs give you some idea what it's like walking/cycling either side of the deich. One of the advantages you have as a walker is that you can sometimes walk along thr top of the deich where the view is better.
The next photo gives you some idea of the beautiful houses in the area, it is followed by a shot taken outside a bakery/cafe in Freiberg. A very pleasant place to stop for a break.
Whilst in the cafe four female cyclist passed by on the road and we heard them mention the town for which we we heading. We saw them again when they passed us going north, below. More about them later.
The next shot shows a typicsl view of what you can see from the top of the deich.Just to the left, at the base of the tower is whatvlooks like a power station at the far side of the Elbe.

By this time it was heating up as we finally turned from heading almost due north to due west. The nature of the deich roadway changed from tarseal to a concrete main paved way surrounded by thousands and thousands of concrete blocks. This path goes for miles and miles and is better for walking on. A lot cooler. There was also quite a breeze on this part of the walk and wind turbines visible in every directionvmaking electricity. 

We eventually turned south, away from the Elbe, heading to our hotel near Balje,
 passing massive corn fields on both side of the road, some being harvested as we passed. It was a long day, ~30km and we were both very pleased to reach the hotel.

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