Friday, 8 August 2014

Otterndorf to Cuxhaven. Thursday 7 Aug.

For the first tim this year we set out in rain and our full wet weather gear. We took a small path from our hotel, "Land und Meer," which lead by a quiet riverside area, boardering an apple orchard, up through an area of new holiday homes to meet the southern shore of the Elbe. (The rain also brought out a relative of my JOGLE snail.)

We reached the Elbe near a campsite and lots of caravans.By this time the rain was easing and I was able to remove my overtrousers.

We were now again on the Deich and had to contend with cattle and many stock gates, but the views were worth it.
Today the route ran much nearer the Elbe, with excellent views of traffic up and down the river. I even managed to dip my boots in the water. 

A slight draw back today was the smell of sheep urine and an excess of dung on the road. At times the urine smell was almost overpowering. We had a similar experience walking Offa's Dyke, possibly the results of overstocking and lack of rain.
The last two photographs show a long range view of Cuxhaven and a view of a scrap metal works, in the docks area, where discovered I had lost my prescription spectacles. More of that in our final Elberadweg blog.


  1. Hi Richard and Shiel. Just catching up on your adventures. Glad to see all is well -- in particular, no hospital admissions! We're off to North America on 15th; back Sept 25.

    1. Hi Rob,
      Enjoy your time in North America. We are currently in tourist mode in Berlin. We were last here in 1990. How it's changed!!!!