Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday 23 August. Rhuestaedt to Wittenberge.

We left Rhuestaedt by road heading for Baelow. Going out we passed one of the many houses in Rhuestaedt with stork nests on the roof. (See photograph). Storks seem to arrive in April and leave late August. A lot seem to have left already.

We then headed by the Deich and road to Hinzdorf. On the way I had 'a very unenjoyable trip' caused by a root exposed by the floods (see photo). I tripped  over and fell so hard I banged my head on the ground. The result of the pack and a firmly held foot. Normally I am able to roll out of trouble. Luckily the top of the Deich was sandy which lessened the impact somewhat.

At Hinzdorf we were diverted, by the sign below, on to a very busy road, nearly all the way to Wittenberge. There were machines on the Deich but we saw no one working. We did see one man smoking and carrying a sheet of paper though.

On the diversion we passed an imaginative gate made out of reinforcing iron. A bit like a Taranaki gate. I thought it rather clever.

The clock I show is one of the highlights of Wittenberge! Supposedly one of the biggest in Gemany. It's on the old Singer sewing machine building.

The last four slides are of some delightful bronzes we saw down by the waterfront.

We went to a Mexican restaurant for our evening meal and had Fajitas. The beef was tender and cooked to perfection. I recommend the place if you are in town. My only regret was that we were not staying another day as I would have liked tovhave tried their canneloni.

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